What’s an epiphanigram?

I was trying to come up with a term for a daily photo blog that was different from my lifedrawing, design and ideas blog. I love the word epiphany. It’s a state of being I seek. Wouldn’t it would be great if one was sent daily like a telegram?  I put the words together, googled “Epiphanigram” and came across it’s use in an essay by Kevin S. Kiernan describing Kathy Acker‘s line:

“The demand for an adequate mode of expression is senseless…”

Kathy Acker, Empire of the Senseless

You should read Kathy Acker’s books. She’s unfortunately been forgotten in the literary world. Kathy Acker was a punk rock portrait of rage who wrote like she was carving words into her skin. This first Epiphanigrams is dedicated to her:

Portrait of Doctor Hayes Agnew (The Agnew Clinic)

by Thomas Eakin
Philadelphia Museum of Art. Learn more about this incredible American realist painter.

Photo of Thomas Eakin’s painting by Justin C Gordon at Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Detail of Doctor Agnew

Detail of Audience: is that guy sleeping?

Detail of autopsy. What’s the nurse thinking?

Photo to understand the physical size of this painting:

Photo of Thomas Eakin’s painting by Justin C Gordon at Philadelphia Museum of Art.

How to see it yourself:
Links to learn more:



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